Cloud VonSmoke created a small underground record label called Filthyfowl in 2020 and grew it into a full-fledged wonderland of absolute tomfoolery over the next infinity. He has also managed to parody and meme everything he comes into contact with his ironically uniconic lofi music.


Most people know Cloud for his smoke-covered hidden face touring every major computer, phone, and internet-browser around the world. Highlights include working with hella lofi labels, as well as a few beats that a bunch of people probably listened to at some point. His partnership with your ears as music to sleep to has been one of the most rewarding friendships.


In 2021, VonSmoke started his first collaborations with real artists who actually make good lo-fi music around the world. VonSmoke is grateful to be sampling, looping and splicing music for a fraction of a living and he knows that the reason people listen to lo fi is to study hard and sleep well.

Cloud VonSmoke

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