Pr4ntik is an India-based lofi music producer with an amazing and evolving sound. With every release, he comes up with his own signature style, mixing old school hip-hop with his modern beat palette. The result is a chill combinations of instruments, calming and atmospheric.

Well, It all started back in 2011 at the age of 11 along with the first tour by the famous American electronic music producer Skrillex. The tour was known as Mothership Tour and that was the time his love for Electronic music started to grow. Like many young hearts in and around the world he wanted to be a DJ and Music Producer. Back then his journey into electronic music was like a fan boy watching many different artists online and exploring FL Studio.

Soon the seriousness started to grow and his love for electronica started to prosper. By the age of 16 he was making solid beats along with some really good sounding musical pieces. Pr4ntik always took inspiration from big names like Martin Garrix and many more. Garrix's interview back in 2017 at Radio538 was an eye opener where he fiddled with some knobs and turned some sounds into a brilliant musical piece.

Pr4ntik, after completing his Secondary Higher Education, it was time to be serious and that is when he joined Diploma course at Soundabode Academy, Pune. Pr4ntik was looking for the right direction to focus his talent and soon by the end of 2019 he was writing his own musical pieces with original sounds and it feels that the journey has just begun.


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