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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Living the lofi hiphop experience under the moonlight? Chill Moon Music is here with its first official release with Sarent. In this solo work where piano sounds are more prominent, Sarent also exhibits guitar sounds in the background in a unique way. Beat carries classic lofi hiphop tunes. Sarent says,

"I realized that I was focusing on the reflection of the moonlight through my window during Beatin production. Yes, I was inspired by him and I hadn't noticed it until then. This beat, which I was inspired by the moonlight in the first release of Chill Moon Music, is very dear to me. It was a work that made me realize the elements that inspired me in my life."

As Chill Moon Music, we would like to express our pleasure to present you our first release.

A beat inspired by the bright and beautiful nature of the moonlight illuminating the night. You will feel the night and the moonlight.


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