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Moonlight Vibes, the debut lofi hip-hop beat tape from Chill Moon Music

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Hey folks, great news! We’ve launched Moonlight Vibes, our debut lofi beat tape and if you haven’t already heard some of the great tracks on this tape, then you’re in for a real treat. If you have, then you already know what’s in store - and this is just the beginning… (also thank you!).



Moonlight Vibes features 15 tracks from a number of talented lofi hip-hop & chillhop beatmakers including Sarent, ArtÖ & David Chief, Cloud VonSmoke, ringbo & Darkbell, Mr. Anthony, Patt Down, lost.mind, and Josh Tarzi - to name a few, and dishes out some real winter road trip vibes - something I’m sure we’re all in need of right now.

“It’s been an honour being a part of this first beat tape from Chill Moon, though it’s early days I can tell there are some big things ahead,” says lazyboyloops. “I’m also pretty stoked to be among some real talent here, too!”

Although this might be a debut for Chill Moon, don’t let that fool you as we’ve definitely come out with a bang, so pack your bags, toss them in the back, and let’s go on a journey through these winding roads of calming chill beats, riffs, and bumps.

“Moonlight Vibes is more than an album; it's an experience. From start to finish, it's a sonic journey through twilight dimensions as told by a creative team of lofi, chillhop & jazzhop visionaries,” says Cloud VonSmoke. “Each track warmly envelopes the listener in a unique ambience, evoking emotions brought by the wandering night. Bundle up, put this album on, and vibe out under the moonlight.”

Moonlight Vibes is available now on all digital streaming platforms. You can also follow Chill Moon on Instagram for the latest on new releases.


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