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Artist Interviews 008: Stuffed Tomato

Stuffed Tomato's latest release "Brooklyn Street" was released on September 1 under Chill Moon Music. "Brooklyn Street" has mellow guitar vibes and punchy drums! An ideal vibe for those who want to relax listening to chill beats after a busy day. We interviewed Stuffed Tomato both about himself and about him latest release. You can read the information about the artist, the inspirations of the artist and the story of the beat in the continuation of this article.



When and how did you start making lofi beats?

January 2020 - I was part of a small rock band, you know the one of our teenage years, I learned the bass through that and I never gave up (Huge thanks to Maxence, he will recognize himself). Later on, I played instrumental parts for friends rappers and others. And I thought to myself one day: Why not create art for me? The lofi came to me naturally. I feel a freedom in this musical style.

What inspires you the most?

Life, Groove & Love

If you could go back in time, what year would you like to go to and what would you like to be able to tell yourself?

I would say to myself: Keep believing, keep working and never stop doing what makes you feel good. No regrets!

What is the story of "Brooklyn Street"?

Simply a memory. I was lucky enough to work in NYC and would often go to Brooklyn at the end of the day to see street drummers making beats on construction buckets. I materialized this memory.

What is the main emotion you feel in "Brooklyn Street"?

Nostalgia, Street & Bass


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