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Artist Interviews #004: Kubuch

Kubuch's latest release "City Lights" was released on April 7 under Chill Moon Music. The nostalgic vibe of piano melodies and classic lo-fi drums... We interviewed Kubuch both about himself and about him latest release. You can read the information about the artist, the inspirations of the artist and the story of the beat in the continuation of this article.



When and how did you start making lofi beats?

I've been making music for about 15 years, however I started my 'lofi adventure' a few years ago. Songs made by artists like Dontcry, Joey Pecoraro and Kupla touched me a lot. I thought 'I want to make as good music as they do!' And so in 2020 I released 'My very first album'.

What inspires you the most?

My lovely wife :) She motivates me and gives me energy. She is also the first listener to every single new track. I also get inspiration from everyday life, movies, books, etc. I get inspired by beats made by Patr00, J-Dilla, Dj Premier. These are my roots.

If you could go back in time, what year would you like to go to and what would you like to be able to tell yourself?

I don't want to go back in time. I am happy and mistakes make me stronger. So even if I went back in time, I wouldn't say anything to myself. Well, maybe I would encourage myself to invest in bitcoins, but I don't know what that would do to with me ;)

What is the story of "City Lights"?

I made this beat during a long winter evening after watching The Green Book again - a beautiful story and a wonderful movie. Mahershala Ali as Don Shirley was a great piano artist. I wanted to transfer the atmosphere of this music to our times.

What is the main emotion you feel in "City Lights"?

This beat has a classic vibe with a twist of nostalgia. On the one hand there is an element of joy and on the other there is mystery. This track connects most of my inspirations - classic boombap drums with an old piano. I took a bit of New York to Warsaw ;)

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