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Artist Interviews #001: F_rlan x Pitaya Kush

F_rlan and Pitaya Kush's latest release "Lampshade" was released on April 1 under Chill Moon Music. "Lampshade" provides listeners a calm and relaxing vibe with its guitar melodies and composition. We interviewed F_rlan and Pitaya Kush about both themselves and their latest release. You can read the information about the artists, the inspirations of the artists and the story of the beat in the continuation of this article.



When and how did you start making lofi beats?

F_rlan: My first productions were made when I was still a teenager for my videos playing guitar. It was only in 2017 that I started authorial productions with the F_rlan project, which were focused on dance music (tech house). I had already listened to lofi on youtube 24/7 lives but the first beat came from a collab with a friend (Freitaz) in 2018 called “06:34”. It was a path of no return!

Pitaya Kush: We have started making lofi and chillhop music a year ago.

What inspires you the most?

F_rlan: Instrumental music has always been present in my daily life because of my studies, but I have been fascinated by electronic music since I was a child. The lofi became a meeting point between these worlds with a huge range for my ideas. My workflow doesn't have a pattern. I'm very easily motivated to compose, so I try to find a goal beyond the music to finish a track. The only point I can't give up is to think of the structure as if a band were going to play.

Pitaya Kush: Our inspiration comes from whatever we're feeling on our lives. We try the best to express our feelings though out our music.

If you could go back in time, what year would you like to go to and what would you like to be able to tell yourself?

F_rlan: I wish I could go back 10 years and say to myself: "Start writing your own music now!"

Pitaya Kush: The year would be 2000's decade. And we would say tô ourselves to make life as simple as possible. The beauty is on simple things in life.

What is the story of "Lampshade"?

F_rlan x Pitaya Kush: This is a collab inspired by the living room of a country house that hosted a musical immersion between me and the guys of Pitaya Kush/F_rlan. In a moment of retreat to rest and produce, this beat is a summary of that moment. The name was chosen because of the object that was present in the creation of the beats and the meaning of a resting light to stimulate creativity.

What is the main emotion you feel in "Lampshade"?

F_rlan: A moment of reflective rest with a low light.

Pitaya Kush: Instrospection reflexive feelings is what we most feel on this track.

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