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All Night Study

We just released our second beattape named “All Night Study”! It is a collection of 35 beats with 39 different artists. This tape is packed full of top quality beats from artists from all around the world. The relaxed vibes on the whole tape make it good not only for studying but also for any activity.



From start to finish, this beattape takes you through a full hour and twenty minutes of focused study, providing you with an opening track that is sure to get you in the headspace for working, the whole tape follows you through your session, boosting you through your work so you can get that all night revision session in.

Following the success of this tape, we hope to release our next beattape named “Classical Lofi Beats” in the next few months so be sure to follow us on social media platforms to keep updated.

We also accept playlist submissions through our Ko-Fi and on Subithub.

If you are wondering where you can listen to this beattape, it is available on all digital platforms.


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