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9 Suggestions for Focusing While Studying

1. Study Desk

Perhaps the most important thing for studying is the desk. The desk is the only thing you're completely in contact with while studying. How tidy the desk is, how comfortable you are at this desk and the comfort of the area you sit in are very critical. Before starting the lesson, you should remove all unnecessary materials from your study desk as much as possible. Necessary items should be on your desk as much as possible. Here are some suggestions for some essential items: clock, pen, eraser, water, a drink to help you focus, small papers for taking notes, post-its etc.

2. Taking a Break

Another important step to focus while studying, is to take a break at the right duration and at the right time! You can be sure that this break is very important to you. Because remember, if there is anything more important than working hard, it is to work very efficiently. According to scientific studies, the maximum time that an adolescent or adult can provide uninterrupted focus for any chosen subject is 40 minutes. In other words, our focusing power and our working efficiency decreases every minute that comes after 40 minutes. So all we need is a refreshment! For this refreshment, it will be sufficient to take a break of minimum 10 and maximum 20 minutes. During this break, you should stay away from the elements that can prevent focusing, which we will talk about in the next articles.

3. Chill Music

Music is a great boon that relaxes us, activates us, is always with us, is the savior of the moments when we are bored and helps us focus. Think about it, when was the last time you listened to music? You probably gave the answer right away because it was actually at a very recent time. So music is actually in the middle of your life. So why not have music with you while you study? So, do you know which type of music is best to be with you while you study and will also help you focus? We answer: lo-fi beats. If you want to learn more about the lo-fi music genre, you can read our article on the subject. In this article, we will talk about how lo-fi beats will help us focus while studying. To explain this to you, I want to start here; Have you ever had a rhythm? But do you know why you actually do this? According to scientific research, keeping rhythm helps you focus, reduces your stress and motivates you. Lo-fi beats mostly consist of rhythms. Lo-fi, created especially for listening while studying, consists of special rhythms and will motivate you while studying, reduce your stress and help you focus. A favor for you. You should definitely check out this playlist to get acquainted with the lo-fi genre and listen to specially prepared lofi beats to help you focus: Homework Beats - chill study beats - lofi focus - study hiphop beats

4. Physical Needs

Physical needs are an issue that we cannot prevent, but we can take precautions so that it does not distract us during our study session. Maybe we are hungry, maybe we need a toilet break, or something else. However, taking care of our physical needs as much as possible before we start studying will prevent our focus from getting distracted during studying.

5. Clear Your Mind

In most of our lives, thoughts are constantly running through our minds. Of course, this situation will distract is if it happens during the study. The most important point is to stay in the moment in order to be able to get rid of all the thoughts in our minds that will not benefit us. If we focus our minds only on the moment we are studying, all other thoughts will automatically drift away from us. You should definitely try this.

6. Working Environment

The working environment should not be confused with the work desk. In fact, the working environment is all the other things in the environment where we study, apart from the desk. One of the most important of these factors is from which angle the light comes to our table and other situations related to the light. It is almost impossible to give a definite recommendation for the angle of the light. You just have to determine its color, its intensity and the angle of incidence on your table. Maybe you can get a table lamp, this is important for motivation. Another factor that we will talk about, is the working environment and how cluttered the room is. Yes, we know that sometimes there is no time to be organized from all these lessons, school and everything. However, now is the right moment to realize this and fight it.

7. Motivation

Motivation… It is the most important factor that takes people from point A to point B in almost every aspect of life. Let's think about it, you must have noticed that in some moments time is running faster than it actually is. Or, on the contrary, you may have noticed that time is running slower than it actually is. In fact, this is largely about motivation. Please focus on the moments when you think time is running fast or slow, did you have enthusiasm, excitement, happiness when you felt that time was flowing fast? Or when you feel that time is running slowly, were you bored, or unhappy? It's the motivation that usually gives us good vibes. Because motivation is basically how much we want to do something. While studying, if you want this very much, or if you are aware of how much success you will achieve as a result of the study process, your motivation will be higher. It will also be very useful to repeat the affirmations for success in your mind to increase your motivation. Finally, remember that failure is also an option and you will always have another option to get what you want.

8. Smells

Smells are of great importance in our lives. Simply put, some smells make us feel good, while others make us feel bad. When we move on to a more advanced stage of smells, it would be appropriate to talk about aromatherapy. We can briefly define aromatherapy as a therapy method that focuses on the use of essential oils that help to heal and balance the body and mind both emotionally and physically. Applying this therapy method is quite simple. You should only get one natural essential oil and a censer. We would like to add that cedar essential oil provides concentration, while lavender essential oil facilitates learning. Also, do not forget that you may have sensitivity to these essential oils, it is advised to consult your doctor before using.

9. Elements That Will Prevent You From Focusing:

While studying, perhaps the most difficult thing is distraction. The things that distracts you the most are your phone, social media, messaging apps, etc. In order to prevent this situation, you should keep your phone, tablet, computer, in short, all technological devices away from your working environment.


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