Patt Down, Born and raised in the small town of Sanford North Carolina. Patt began playing drums at the age of 14. After only a few short years of preforming live with various hardcore bands along the east coast he was introduced to beat making for the first time by the age of 16. Dabbling here and there every so often with learning to create beats on his laptop Patt continued playing drums for a number of local home town projects until his early 20s.

After the disbanding of Patt’s last collaborative hardcore band FSW (From Strength Within) he started to develop more of an interest in the production of instrumental hiphop before ultimately finding his love of low fidelity produced recordings and music.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Pete Rock, The Alchemist, and J Dilla. The Carolina native continues to incorporate traditional jazz, neo soul, and chillhop sampled elements on top of rhythmic drum driven boom bap style hiphop beats.

Patt Down

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