lost.mindd is a female producer from Sweden who  produces lofi music. She has been playing instruments like guitar and piano since a young age and loves to incorporate those elements in her creations. The result is chill and calming beats for those rainy and lazy days.


The musical journey started early in life when learning to play various instruments. lost.mindd spent her teenage years playing in different rock/indie bands. But once it was time to go off to university her true passion, music, unfortunately had to be put aside for awhile.


Until one Christmas when she was gifted a midi keyboard, she got started making beats and lost.mindd was born. She took inspiration from the beats she had listened to the countless hours she had spent studying. These days lost.mindd combines releasing her own lofi beats and working with artists to create custom beats for them. This allows for lost.mindd to be able get the most out of her creative side with combining experimenting with different genres while working with artists, but still have most of the time to spend on her own music. Expect to be hearing much more from this swedish-based producer, cause she's only getting started and the future looks bright.


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